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Summer Camp Diamond Bar

Our Summer Camp with Premier Swim Academy will be jam packed and filled with fun! Each week will be equipped with a different theme. Some weekly themes could include young artists, sports, dinosaurs, and STEM. Your child will discover these themes through daily hands-on projects and activities. Each week we will have a field trip that will coincide with the theme of the week. For example, we could head to the discovery cube for our STEM week. Campers will go as a group on a bus to the desired location for the week. When at the facility, all of our activities will be organized and have an overall learning goal. Our camp will give your child the opportunity to spend time away from home joining a community of peers discovering new abilities and friendships all while having fun in the sun. We will offer activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor physical activity, field trips, water play, and so much more. Our summer camp will utilize our classrooms, basketball court and turf area for our activities.
How old is your child?

Can the swimmer hold their breath under water?

Can the swimmer push off of a wall or step, with their face in the water, and glide on their belly for 3-5 seconds?

Can the swimmer maintain a float on their back WITHOUT the use of tools or assistance (i.e. floaties, noodles, adult assistance)?

Can the swimmer roll from a face down position in the water, into a float on their back with their face above the water?

Can the swimmer, while face down in the water, kick independently with straight legs and pointed toes?

Can the swimmer kick, face down, across the pool and breathe by rolling into a back float?

Can the swimmer kick on their back with straight legs, pointed toes across the length of the pool (aprox. 30 ft)?

Can the swimmer breathe by turning their head to the side (not lifting the head straight up/forward) while kicking independently on a kickboard?

Can the swimmer swim freestyle independently with their face down in the water, rotating to the side to breath (not lifting the head straight up/forward)?

Can the swimmer swim independent backstroke?

Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke kicks using a kickboard or noodle to support the arms?

Can the swimmer do independent dolphin kicks (butterfly stroke kicks)?

Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke?

Can the swimmer do independent butterfly?

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