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Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons 

If you’re waiting for next Summer to enroll your child in swim lessons, think again. The benefits of year-round swim lessons are endless. Here’s just a few reasons to keep in mind.

Retain and Improve Skills

Year-round swim lessons help kids retain and improve their water safety skills throughout the year. With more opportunities in the water, they continuously increase their skill set. Our top priority with swim lessons is that children at any age know and understand the skills necessary to survive in the water if there is ever an emergent need for drowning prevention. Swimming is a skill people use throughout their entire life, and it’s imperative to start that education at a young age. Year-round swim lessons are an important part of not only building and maintaining confidence in the water but also the key to drowning prevention.

Lessons Provide Continued Skill Set Practice

Learning how to swim is like learning how to play the piano… practice makes perfect! The more frequently you practice, the easier it is to retain skills and progress into more advanced skills.  Conversely, if you take a break from lessons, it takes longer to get back on track where you left off.  Therefore, we strongly recommend staying in year-round lessons to retain and build on life-saving swimming skills.

Helps Provide Daily Stress Relief for Kids

After-school swim lessons are a great way for kids to release their daily stress while increasing their strength, stamina and health. During the school year, kids face daily challenges of new school subjects, projects and homework, so allowing them to jump in the pool will provide a place

where they can find a healthy release from their educational responsibilities and stress.

Countless Benefits – So Enroll Today

Staying active, promoting child development, boosting their immune system, decreasing anxiety and depression and confident swimming skills are only a few of the benefits your child will gain from year-round swim lessons.

Click here to learn more about Premier Swim Academy’s year-round, indoor swim lessons and programs.

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How old is your child?

Can the swimmer hold their breath under water?

Can the swimmer push off of a wall or step, with their face in the water, and glide on their belly for 3-5 seconds?

Can the swimmer maintain a float on their back WITHOUT the use of tools or assistance (i.e. floaties, noodles, adult assistance)?

Can the swimmer roll from a face down position in the water, into a float on their back with their face above the water?

Can the swimmer, while face down in the water, kick independently with straight legs and pointed toes?

Can the swimmer kick, face down, across the pool and breathe by rolling into a back float?

Can the swimmer kick on their back with straight legs, pointed toes across the length of the pool (aprox. 30 ft)?

Can the swimmer breathe by turning their head to the side (not lifting the head straight up/forward) while kicking independently on a kickboard?

Can the swimmer swim freestyle independently with their face down in the water, rotating to the side to breath (not lifting the head straight up/forward)?

Can the swimmer swim independent backstroke?

Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke kicks using a kickboard or noodle to support the arms?

Can the swimmer do independent dolphin kicks (butterfly stroke kicks)?

Can the swimmer do independent breaststroke?

Can the swimmer do independent butterfly?

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